Written by Best Selling author - Debra D Jones, This is a 31 day devotional that addresses topics of Faith, Family, Fear, Finances as well as others in an easy-read fashion. If your day is so busy that it resembles one extremely long run-on sentence because you are a leader, parent, sibling, employee, employer, entrepreneur, friend, thought leader, student, encourager, ministry worker, among other titles, then this book is for you. Each topic over a 30-day span has a scenario, scripture reference, and a short prayer. Day 31 is a prayer written for you that you can add to and personalize. At the completion of this devotional, you will find that your relationship with spending time with the Father is enhanced, your day is blessed, and the issues that most people face daily can be addressed within the Word of God.

How To PRAY When You Don't Have TIME: A Devotional